Tinder, EHarmony, Match.com… the old fashion way!

The blind outing
Not going to call this a date because it’s not slated as one. It’s just going out with a friend of an acquaintance from back home. This acquaintance found out I have moved to Las Vegas where one of his frat brothers now lives. So he, thinking we are both cool peeps, gave me his bruhs number thinking we should definitely meet since we both live in the same place now -extremely far from home which happens to be the same place. I texted when I got back; he called; we chatted briefly. Weird well I suppose the word is…
Ironic how you can grow up 15 minutes from a person just to meet them when you move 1747 miles away from home. The Earth is 7,926.41 mi. at the equator – 7,901 from pole to pole. Yet the older I get the smaller it becomes. With social media and the transient nature of so many, one never knows who they’ll run into anywhere on this globe. Regardless, I chose not to ask for a picture of this dude, or even to ask for a Social Media connect because despite how deep I would like to think I am, if I saw a picture of a face that I found to be less than pleasing, I might call and cancel the outing. To protect myself against the shallowness that lurks somewhere near the surface of my soul, I’m going out blind! Wouldn’t want to deprive myself of connecting with a potentially wonderful human. So this should prove to be interesting. I’ll let you know…!

MEH! After the date

How can one still have an underwhelming experience when you set no expectations? *shrugs Wandering if it’s possible to have not expectations when you have prior experiences looming in the recesses of your life waiting to be topped. *eyeroll …here we go.

We went to see a movie. The theatre was one of those where you can order a drink before you go in. The seats reclined but the leather was worn and a little tattered. I’m boujie perhaps or just have standards that are a little higher than what I’d just experienced; I’ll leave that to your judgement but know I was not impressed. (probably should’ve had that drink lol). It’s been so long, I really don’t remember the movie, the conversation was okay as we walked to the theatre and waited but I only remember vague references to back home. We laughed a bit, hugged I’m sure when we said hello and goodbye. I think he called and invited me to a fight viewing party a few days later. I declined as I’m not really a sports fanatic or even remotely interested in gathering where I literally know No One and the center entertainment is not entertainment to me. All of the former things may speak to why I am still currently single (insert crying emoji). If I didn’t believe in the sovereignty of God, I’d legit think I needed to change my interest level in sports for entertainment but I do -believe that somethings and some people are just not meant to be- so I don’t -feel the need to adjust that particular preference. Had there been barbecue involved I may have thought twice about attending. I guess as dates go it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad it was just something I did with 3 hours of my life. We eventually stopped calling each other and faded back to our perspective realities. The only reason I remember the date is because I blogged about it and now feel obligated years later to follow up because I said I said I would ha ha. But he may have felt the same meh no chemistry on any level. It’s cleaner when you break that way with no angry, hurt, fake or confusing texts or messages.

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