Teach Us How to Pray (Part 2): Adoration

I started to just do an overview of prayer- let you get the gist or concept; but prayer is too important. Each part within our prayer model:



Thanksgiving &


deserves more than I can really even give it here. So I want to take my time with this if you don’t mind. Beginning with this post, we’re going to dive into each phase of prayer and swim around a bit.

Adoration is…

Before we talk about adoration, I’d like for you to indulge me and try something. Call, text or talk to 3 people you know. Tell them you want to give them a compliment and you’d like for them to give you a compliment in return. This also works with just one person, give them 3 compliments and have them give you 3 in return. Being as how we’re currently in quarantine, you may not be able to do this in person but it works best when you can see the 1 you’re speaking with. Pay attention to the change that takes place in their posture and the look on their face when you compliment them. Let me know what happens when you finish!

Most people will not be able to hold back a smile and you will both sit up a little bit straighter

after this exercise. Receiving these true compliments from someone who wanted to give them to you (because they didn’t have to participate; they could’ve said no), makes you feel so good that it normally evokes a physical response.

Adoration is my favorite part of prayer

According to the dictionary: Adore means to

  1. Love and respect someone deeply.
  2. Worship or venerate.

Adoration, in its most simplistic state is when you have the chance to give God all kinds of compliments -as you tell God amazing things about Himself -your praise (or sincere complimenting)  transforms to worship. *Important to note the distinction here between Thanksgiving and praise (or adoration)

We THANK God for what He DOES; we PRAISE God for Who He IS. You can’t just know ABOUT God; you must KNOW Him to go from praise that’s merely provocative and cross over into an intimate place of worship.

“Though You’re closer than a brother, You are more than just my friend!” Point of Grace

I love cuddling and showing affection. As a kid, I could curl up with my mom or sister and just cuddle forever. Adoration is that time when you get to adore or love on God. It’s when you can put your hand on His cheek, stare into His eyes and tell Him what you think about Him. This portion can be very intimate because it’s rooted in relationship. You have to know God because as you adore Him, you get to tell Him what you know about Him at that moment. Then out of this adoration flows every other part of prayer –> –>–>—>

Because as you love on God, you are then reminded of Who you are speaking to, which in turn

2) makes you thankful for all that He has done

3) and you begin to think about how you don’t deserve it; so you talk to Him about the things that you’ve done wrong and ask His forgiveness knowing He’s faithful to forgive you because He loves you and created you for His pleasure; He’s a good Father who gives good gifts to His children. After thinking on all of that, you know you can

4) Ask Him for whatever you have need of for others and/or yourself

It’s extraordinarily presumptuous of us to constantly meander into the presence of God with our hand out.

When we neglect to acknowledge who God is in prayer, I can just imagine Him in Heaven leaning over whispering to the archangel Michael , “Here she comes, running in here telling me what she needs again… …wait for it.” We should ALWAYS take the time to give Him what He is due when we come before Him. It’s in this place that is created when we adore God, that place of intimate worship where the atmosphere is set – you kind of prime the pump; you’re loving on God and He is loving on you.

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and we will share a meal together as friends.” Revelation 3:20

Again: we must revisit the nature of the one that can adore God; it’s one thing to have a book knowledge of Him. While to know Him personally is a whole other thing and exactly what is required to really show adoration for God.

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