2020, Again!?


We began the year with such high hopes of vision. Sight beyond seeing to now have come to a point where many don’t see how we can take much more. 

It is with a weighted heart that I write today with the knowledge of yet another loss threatening to pull me down. We’ve already lost so much this year: collectively, individually, as a community, as a society. When will the ending end and the living begin? Many may ask burning questions in moments like these. Most come to conclusions though at this point. Media, social and otherwise, has been forcing us to take a hard look at the world around us causing us to see things that it has been painful to see: 

The constant images of black people murdered not only in the streets but in their home. 

The overt racial oppression and disparity of a persecuted people.

The attempt of the oppressed to find justice and relief from their oppressors.

The dethroning of the profession of men in blue till all that’s left is the man or woman in the suit.

The stability of our lungs, society and economy threatened by a mere germ.

The reality of icons laid to rest -too early- by none of the above.

Where is the love, the hope to bring joy and peace to our days? 

When will the losing end and when it does, what begins?

Is there peace devoid of the storm on this side of forever?


Dedicated to Chadwick Boseman- 

Even in pain, you walked in purpose and in so doing, brought love, joy and hope to the lives of countless people. King, may you rest in Peace.

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