VOTE – A Letter To Myself

Keep showing up.

Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution at the onset of this year, I intended to write 3 letters to myself: a letter to read 3 months in, a letter for the  halfway mark and a letter for me to read at the end of the year. The letters were to encourage myself to keep going at the onset and in the middle of the things I said I was going to do. The last would serve as a reflection point and to remind myself to celebrate wherever I am along the way. Boy had I written those letters at the beginning of 2020 what a waste of time that would’ve been! 

Despite and in part because of everything that’s happened this year pandemic and all, I’ve accomplished one major project -finishing the 1st draft of my first book! Now I’m in the process of editing. The main obstacles I’ve found with the process is dredging through the middle.

The middle is a dangerous place

you’re way too far to go back yet you’re not far enough to see the finish line with the clarity to spur you on. It’s a place where it’s easy to stop, become distracted, revisit old patterns of behavior which may lead to delay or giving up. 

Disorientation is threatening to overtake me due to lack of a clear reference point.

“Revisit your WHY!”

Some would say. I probably should’ve written that down at the beginning …HA. Hindsight really is 2020 lol! My why would give me a measuring stick to judge the distractions against. When a thought, ideal or even opportunity comes along, I simply ask: Is this in line with my purpose? Will this help me accomplish my goal with efficiency or flare? The reality of intentionality demands we conduct ourselves with a mindset of purpose. PERIODT

Though I did not write down my why for everything I wanted to accomplish this year, I will revisit my why for writing this letter. Of all the things this year brought to a head, the need for responsible citizenship is certainly paramount. We cannot simply complain or merely protest our way to a nation that honors God. We must be intentional where and when we can to impact what our young nation is and becomes. We also cannot show up every 4 years, make a decision and check out for the next 4 years. Imagine raising a child in that manner, merely showing up every 4 years to make a decision. The years between one presidential election to the next can begin to feel like the middle. We had a myriad expectation of whoever sits at the head of the Executive Branch in our government. But we neglect to account for the other 2 branches. We have a checks and balance system in America for a reason. No one branch can control the country. We elect people to 2 of those branches to represent our wants and needs. In order for change to take place, we must also focus on the Midterm elections, the local elections where we can see small wins and yes even the organizations within our communities, school board meetings and HOA meetings and everything in between.

We have to keep showing up.

 Keep seeking to understand before being understood.

I want to make sure that 6 months, 12 months and 24 months from today I remember to stay involved with the same energy I’m bringing to the polls this time. 

So today I remind myself:

Commit the time and do the research to become informed about what is going on in my area. 

Don’t just form opinions; express informed opinions. 

Don’t just get upset; get involved. 

After today, let’s keep showing up.

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