Just Because You Breathe

Just because you breathe…

not because of your looks not because you can sing or cook exquisite cuisine not because you’re an amazing athlete but just because you breathe,

You are worthy of love!

Not because of your amazing personality or your shoe game not because you’re a boss nor because your body is banging but just because you breathe…

You are accepted!

Not because you’re the best mom ever the perfect wife the kindest friend the most eloquent speaker the funniest person at the party or the smartest person in the room but just because you exist,

You are loved!

Not because of your beautiful hair or perfect makeup or how big, clean and well decorated your house is but because you were formed on purpose with a purpose

The one who created you, crowned all creation with you *Indeed you are the cherry on top of all that exists!

Not because you drive everyone’s dream vehicle but just because you breathe

You are worthy of love;
 You are accepted;
 You are loved;
The one who created you, crowned all creation with you;
 You are the Apple of His eye;
 Were you the only one alive,
 He would’ve still sent Jesus to die for you and believing Jesus  rose again on the third day with all power in His hand makes you royalty. 

“…you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,
a holy nation, a people for His possession…” `1 Peter 2:9

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