the Sands of Time


The Sands of Time

Like one grain

Each second seems so


One grain lands amongst the rest of the sand

And as each second passes by the tides of life

Come in, go out, come in

Blow out with the wind

Of your hand, the sand, is soon all gone

Before you know whence the wind has blown

The moon marks the sky

The sign that another day

Will soon be all gone

Tell me that you know

And each day you spend on the beach,

Hands full of sand

Icy, snow, leaves falling,

Spring, hot sweaty bodies

Laying out, playing, riding the waves

Tell me that you know

Whence the sand has gone.

Like one grain



second seems


The wind comes along

The tide washing away the coast

Not one grain by one grain but

The tidal wave of life

Before we know how much sand has blown by

We’re out of time

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