So I thought, “let me unplug.” It’s the most helpful thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. But what’s the difference between unplugging and isolating?

Unplugging for a time and a purpose is helpful.

I’ve unplugged from social media and excessive amounts of news to mae room to do things that promote peace in my life and mind. I’ve made time to have consistent daily: prayer, exercise, devotional, and healthy eating time. (Boy does meal prepping and developing the discipline to eat right consistently take time)!

*this is where I roll my eyes.

So much of what happens in social media daily has no lasting impact on our lives; yet we devote valuable time to it that we’ll never get back. We devote valuable time to it that we have stolen from other places. We devote valuable time to it that gives it an inlet to deposit things into our minds, hearts and souls.

Unplugging has helped me gain back control over what I allow into my soul.

It’s given me back time to invest in what makes me better.

How I unplugged

The Lightweight Version

For a time, I gave myself a window of tune: between 6 pm – 8pm.

That still got a little out of hand because I was losing 2 hours some days catching up.

Turn Up The Heat

Then I decided to incorporate my social media limitations into a 40 day fast I committed to completing . At which point, I moved it to 15 mins./day within my evening window. That worked well. Even if I ended up outside the window for whatever reason (sometimes I simply forgot *shrugs) I still knew I only had 15 mins.

Extreme Measures

Once again, when the fast was over, with no guidelines on my SM use, I went back to scrolling. My anxiety levels spiked, my rest and productivity declined in a matter of 2 days.

So once I realized the only difference in the days was the amount of time and energy I gave SM, I deleted my Twitter, FB, & IG apps from my phone. * wipes hands -Good riddance.

My social interactions are now back to being social.

My time that I spend on SM isn’t as accessible so it’s brief and for a purpose when I do. It’s definitely not daily.

Perhaps the most worthwhile benefit is that unplugging has allowed me to reclaim my time.

You should give it a try! Just make sure to subscribe 1st 😉

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